Dubai is also recognized as the ‘land of wonders invented by humans.’ Because of being endowed with very few natural wonders, by incorporating creative innovations, Dubai has proved its value time and again. although there were no water bodies like lakes in Dubai, this city worked hard to build its very own lakes and other bodies of water. If you are interested in visiting this majestic city, here are the best lakes In Dubai you must visit.  Book Cheap Dubai International Tour Packages today!

1. Love Lake

Best Lakes In Dubai

Love Lake is one of Dubai’s most famous bodies of water. It is a human-made reservoir, closely intertwined together in the shape of 2 hearts. It was built next to the Al Qudra lagoon group, which is about 50 kilometers from Burj Khalifa. An Instagram post from the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, attracted tourist interest. There is an amazing fishing spot in the lake that interests many adventure lovers. The place also has enchanting flowers and animal species that will delight bird watchers.

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2.Al Warsan Lake

Best Lakes In Dubai

The whole 35-hectare lake was originally a wetland that the planning board turned into a lake. Through declaring it a globally significant wetland under the Ramsar Convention, Nakheel, a Dubai real estate development firm, has managed to preserve this lake. The lake is home to 186 endangered bird species, normally found in the Arabian Peninsula. Numerous mammals and other aquatic animals can be spotted here. Often, you can see a few unusual snakes and fruit trees.

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3.Burj Khalifa Lake

Best Lakes In Dubai

This artificial lake of 30 acres is strategically situated in Downtown Dubai. It is most notable for its Dubai Fountain, the biggest carefully orchestrated fountain in the modern age. There, a brilliantly staged multimedia spectacle featuring 6,000 lights, 25 colored projectors, and 22,000 gallons of aerial water can be seen, while enjoying a fun boat trip. It is through inventions like these bodies of water and several other wonders that Dubai has flourished. Savor a Burj Lake tour with a standard ‘abra’ water taxi. Experience 30 minutes of a beautiful Dubai Mall Fountain organized display. This water demonstration can also be experienced by sailing across the lake in a boat.

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4.Al Qudra Lake

Best Lakes In Dubai

Al Qudra Lake, a human-made body of water in the middle of a desert, is a popular family vacation for locals. It was developed as a portion of Project Green and is now one of Dubai’s six main freshwater bodies. Its biggest feature is the large field next to the shore, which really is filled with lovely tropical trees, cultivated to provide the place shade, making it an excellent venue to have some recreational time for the residents. It is home to nearly 130 different migratory birds and is a great location for outdoor enthusiasts. Here, you can even spot numerous wildlife species, but still not dangerous. A biking route around the lake is open so that you can spend a little time on the wheels and go wandering around.

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It is impossible to imagine that almost all of Dubai’s bodies of water are human-made. Natural beauty deficiency did not deter Dubai from growing and making its mark on the global stage. It is through inventions like these bodies of water and several other wonders that Dubai has flourished.

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