If you are a Bollywood film buff, here is an opportunity to enjoy Dubai’s Bollywood Parks. Visit Bollywood Parks in Dubai. It is the only one of its type in the country and it honors the iconic Mumbai film industry. There is plenty here from drama to humor, from combat to fantasy, from song to dances, from Indian cuisine to Indian artwork scattered throughout the five distinct regions. Book Dubai Packages now!

1. Rajmahal Theatre

Bollywood Parks in Dubai

The center of Dubai’s Bollywood Parks is the extravagant Rajmahal Theater. It carries the elegance of Indian cinema’s retro era to its architectural exterior and state-of-the-art internal engineering. The venue looks nothing less than a grand family palace with a stadium capacity of 856, and thus, with its background image, the live shows seem more composed.

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2. Jaan-e-Jigar

Bollywood Parks in Dubai

The Broadway-style Bollywood musical Jaan-e-Jigar, a specialty of the Rajmahal Theater, is a groundbreaking Middle East initiative. In the larger-than-life venue, the live drama, action, romance, and dance are enhanced with high-quality visual projections. Throughout this 30-minute program, you can see the interesting tale of twins, Jaan and Jigar, battling the wicked Marjani to rule the empire.

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3. Dabangg

Bollywood Parks in Dubai

Be sure to include this 19-minute demonstration performed by ten successful stunt work-men while booking Bollywood theme park Dubai seats. The corny one-liners together with Bollywood songs would be enjoyed here. The dramatic escape of his beloved Rajo along with his friends by the police officer Chulbul Pandey and an exciting confrontation with villains in a warehouse pull out the rawest flavor of the Bollywood action.

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4. Sholay

Bollywood Parks in Dubai

As you are turned over the laser weapons to bring down dacoits commanded by the all-time notorious Gabbar Singh from the iconic film Sholay, the multi-shooter journey in the 3D immersive darkened Rustic Ravine will be packed with suspense. Compete with teammates to target and strike fruit and veggies and reward yourself with the mangoes that you have battered. Everyone who is over 90 cm tall is welcome to join the community.

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5. Don

Bollywood Parks in Dubai

You will get on the 3D motion simulation tunnel trip with make-believe Interpol officials at the Mumbai Chowk at the Bollywood Parks Dubai location to see the Mafia Don racing down Dubai lanes. Through his cunning maneuvers, Don keeps teasing you as you speed past the famous high rise buildings. One bad decision in this adrenaline rushing game will let Don slip-free and carry out his eloquent quests.

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6. Krrish

Bollywood Parks in Dubai

Everyone who is over 120 cm in height could attend this Flying Theater. As you are joined by Indian action hero Krrish, the trip will take you high over the 4D virtual sky over the vivid Indian cityscape. Lounging on the front row of seats, not only can you admire India’s spectacular landmarks, but also participate in the fight to save the planet from alien attack.

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7. RA.One

Bollywood Parks in Dubai

Book your tickets to take a multimedia learning 4D virtual trip according to the schedules of Bollywood Parks Dubai, where you are a board member of Shekhar Subramaniam’s firm, now operated by his son Prateek. RA. One appears with absolute influence at the introduction of the Game Glove Controller, and the battle starts with the hero G.One. You are guaranteed to feel like you are in real situations during this intense part of the action!

Celebrate with your family the glorious heritage of Bollywood films at Bollywood Parks Dubai by going on a holiday to Dubai soon.

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