Whenever you hear someone say Dubai, what immediately comes to mind? I’m sure you think of the luxury 5-star hotels, shopping markets, and racing cars and trucks immediately. However, did you ever try camping in the Dubai desert? We have compiled one of the best Dubai International Travel Package list lined with Dubai’s most exclusive and remote desert camping spots for you to explore during your next vacation to Dubai.

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Best Time To Do Desert Camping In Dubai

The best months to visit Dubai are from mid-November to early December. You can visit Dubai as well, even during the first half of March.

What To Carry When You Go Desert Camping In Dubai

Make sure you’re getting most of these daily essentials when you go desert camping in Dubai such as food, water, lanterns, rechargeable batteries, medications, first aid, shelter, covers, protective clothing, an extra pair of shoes, hiking equipment and trekking boots just to mention some.

5 Best Places For Desert Camping In Dubai

1.  White Sands Beach

Desert Camping in Dubai

Camping tourists will admire Oman’s coastline here, White Sands Beach is in between Fins and Wadi Shab. This is a nice spot on a stunning cliff over a sandy beach to build your camp/tent. Here you should appreciate stunning views and enjoy the sound of the ocean as you lie down and look at the evening sky.

White Sand Beach is also favorable for sports like surfing, snorkeling, diving, and fishing in the sparkling pools. You will even see a number of sea urchins by the shore so make sure to watch out for them.

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2. Jebel Al Jais

Desert Camping in Dubai

It is located at Ras AL Khaimah and is regarded as the highest mountain in the UAE. The Grand Canyon of Oman is also called because the panorama here is really exquisite. This is a perfect spot to hike to amazing scenery and enjoy the mountain gorge, the hiking route here is fairly flat and easy to ascend.

The sight of the wide valleys and mountains can be enjoyed every day by the campers. This is the best place to sit under the starry evening sky and to savor your fellow traveler’s memorable laughs.

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3. Hajar Mountains

Desert Camping in Dubai

The Hajar Mountains are distributed evenly between Oman and UAE. It is among the most ideal places to visit for a camping trip in Dubai. Please ensure you’re bringing your climbing and trekking clothes because you’d have to hike before finding the right spot to set up your tents.

The Hajar Mountains are among Dubai’s most peaceful desert campgrounds, with the most spectacular scenery you can admire. Seasoned campers, who have been on mountain treks previously, typically enjoy this camping journey. Explore nature in the Hajar Mountains in Dubai.

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4. Fujairah

Desert Camping in Dubai

It is one of the few Emirates to be found on the UAE’s East Coast. Fujairah is also a perfect spot for private camping overnight in the Dubai desert. With its views of the magnificent hills and a remote beach Fujairah certainly appears to enchant everyone.

A simple set-up of camp here is very easy for anyone. Fujairah is the ideal place to snorkel and start exploring the sea life below. Your trip to Dubai will definitely be a sweet remembrance you will always treasure.

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5. Al Dhafra Beach

Desert Camping in Dubai

Located at the edge of Abu Dhabi, Al Dhafra Beach is one of Dubai’s best desert campsites. You can camp peacefully by the sea, from which you can spot a few tortoises and other marine animals near the coast. AL Dhafra Resort, aside from camping in the Dubai desert, is a perfect place to engage in water activities like swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking.

Visit the magnificent deserts and reap the benefits of the Dubai Desert Camping. Do not overlook the overnight opportunity under a starry sky while you camp at these spectacular locations on your visit to Dubai.

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