The world is sitting under the shadows of massive and impressive buildings in today’s landscape of monumental buildings and construction developments. The days are not far away, and it is likely that there will be a change in the construction industry that will provide more and more enthralling spaces for people to stay. There are numerous hotels and commercial tower blocks around the world that you would feel like a dwarf in front of. The glamorous lifestyle and convenience these high rises provide will trigger you to fall in love with them and compel you to visit them over and over again. Such monuments are the result of exquisite craftsmanship and are captivating to witness and visit.

Burj Khalifa or Khalifa Tower is Dubai’s and the world’s tallest super large high rise. Burj Khalifa’s style is by the agency Adrian Smith of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. The style comes from an Islamic architecture proclaimed by Dubai as Samarra’s Great Mosque. For one of the sequences, the Hollywood star Tom Cruise scaled the height of the Burj Khalifa for his movie Mission Impossible. Let us go through this fascinating and highest development of Dubai with all this said. If you are interested in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa? So Book now Cheap Dubai International Tour Packages today!

  1. You can have a glimpse of Burj Khalifa from a 95 km of distance. This means you can give it a glance at this amazing creature from the nearby cities.
  2. The quantity of aluminum that is used in the construction of Burj Khalifa is beyond imagination, and this much amount of aluminum can contribute to five A380 planes. If you don’t know, A380 is the largest commercial aircraft in use worldwide.
  3. Apart from the tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa also holds the other six records in its names such as the tallest freestanding structure in the world, the highest number of stories in the world, the highest outdoor observation deck in the world, the highest occupied floor in the world, elevator with longest travel distance in the world, and tallest service elevator in the world.
  4. Burj Khalifa was originally known as Burj Dubai and got renamed in the honor of the late UAE president.
  5. It has 162 floors which cover around 309,473 m sq of the Burj Khalifa. It also has 37 office floors.
  6. It has the world’s second-highest swimming pool at 76 levels. It also has 144 Armani residences.
  7. It has the world’s second-highest outdoor observation deck on 124 level at a height of 452 m. It also has 2909 stairs starting from the ground floor to 160 level.
  8. Its completion took approximately six years including its construction to its opening. Burj Khalifa also has 900 apartments.
  9. It also has a dining restaurant at 122 level at about 442 m. Also, it can accommodate nearly 35,000 people at a time.
  10. Burj Khalifa has a record 504 meters longest travel distance elevator in the world. It also has a daily water supply of around 946,000 liters through 100 km of pipes.
  11. The exterior of Burj Khalifa consists of 26,000 individually cut glass panels. Talking about the cladding system that it has you will be surprised to know that around 300 cladding experts collaborated to make its cladding system in order to withstand Dubai’s heating summer.
  12. It’s so tall that it takes some time for the sun rays to appear on the top floor of the tower. This creates a bit of a problem, especially during Ramadan.
  13. Burj Khalifa has 3000 underground parking spaces. It also has 6 amazing water features.
  14. Its design has inspiration from the shape of the Hymenocallis flower, which has long petals protruding out from its center.
  15. Its construction consumed more than 110,000 tons of concrete, 55,000 tons of steel rebar, and 22 million man-hours to complete the Burj Khalifa.


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