There is no denying that with its impressive architectural design, Dubai never ceases to delight everyone. However, this UAE province is not only known for its man-made wonders since they have also been hosting some fantastic festivities for food lovers for the past six years. In the souls of all passionate aficionados who only want to soak up into many of the luxurious culinary delights, the Dubai Food Festival has occupied a high spot. In March 2019, this massive food carnival in Dubai reached its sixth edition. There were cooks with Michelin stars, pop-up coastal cafes, and tons and tons of snacks. Please keep this comprehensive guide to read about the features and other relevant facts about this carnival if you wish to discover more about this interesting ceremony. Book now Dubai Packages with us & get exciting deals & offers.

Top 6 Food Festival In Dubai

1. SWYP Beach Canteen: Chill & Relax 

SWYP Beach Canteen: Chill & Relax 

Dubai’s beach cafeteria is the window dressing of this amazing Dubai food festival. It is one of the greatest attractions of this massive festival, formerly recognized as the Etisalat Beach Canteen. There is a massive line-up of some of Dubai’s finest food vendors, and besides that, there are also some booths put by premium establishments that offer most of their menu options popular recipes. Pop-up stores, live concerts, and wellness events such as meditation are available to fill all the leisure areas.

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2. Dubai Restaurant Week: Enjoy The Lightning Deals

Dubai Restaurant Week: Enjoy The Lightning Deals

The Dubai Restaurant Week follows the popular beach canteen, bringing glamour to the Dubai food festival. Restaurant chains from all over the world seize the chance to set up their stand at the lowest prices and taste traditional foods. Therefore the only option for all of you to sample several of the most delectable desserts at the most discounted prices is this exhibition. So if you do not want to lose this wonderful opportunity, do not miss your seat here.

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3. Street Food At City Walk: Hog Up Some Delicious Variants

Street Food At City Walk: Hog Up Some Delicious Variants

While the Dubai Food Festival keeps its own glamour, Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet & Le BHV Marais arranges its very own food stalls market in Dubai, besides the two famous shops in City Stroll. Restaurants that offer a wide range of foreign dishes and department stores that display iconic items can also be seen by tourists. Then there is music and dancing and concerts to spice up the atmosphere, which brings a modern spin to the soundscape.

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4. Mirdif City Center: Enjoy The Line-Up Of Food

Mirdif City Center: Enjoy The Line-Up Of Food

There is a line-up of activities at the Food Festival in Dubai 2019 that circles around the people living in the Mirdif neighborhood, amongst all the upscale restaurants. There seems to be a wonderful outdoor festival for youth that involves live performances and fun-filled events. In addition to that, there seems to be a wide range of snacks to indulge in and please your sense of taste. And they will let clients experience an impressive selection in addition to their Friday afternoon as well as appetizer menu.

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5. Pizza Making Classes At Dubai Mall: Excited?

Pizza Making Classes At Dubai Mall

This lavish festival also holds culinary masterclasses, in addition to the extensive number of food choices, where anybody can take lessons to prepare the specialty pizzas. A pizza producing workshop was organized by Early within the Dubai Mall wherein tourists learned about the hidden ingredients.

6. QE2: Enjoy The Afternoon Tea

QE2: Enjoy The Afternoon Tea

And thus to arrive at the conclusion a great ending to this culinary festival, there is still an opportunity where you can eat dinner and indulge a tea and cake at the iconic sailing restaurant Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2). One must experience an exclusive lunch or dinner while still on the deck of this popular cruiser as well as get to sample the 10 luxury tea flavors and cappuccinos offered together with mini-hot treats and tasty baked goods.

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Dubai is renowned for the most extravagant lifestyle, the incredible architectural style of the manmade marvels, vibrant bar scene, high rises, and island nations created by man. As the traditional food of Dubai, fish, rice, and meat are popular. The largest anticipated culinary carnival in Dubai is the Dubai food festival, which would be an annual celebration that starts on February 21st and lasts until March 9th. The great opportunity to explore Dubai is from November to April as the atmosphere is very good. It is also a fantastic time to come for all food enthusiasts since the highest volume of culinary activities takes place around this season. Everything is paid for at Food Festivals in Dubai and the fees vary on the restaurants that serve the items. You might very well try a variety of delicious flavors from the finest restaurants in the world at a quarter of the usual price at these cultural events.

Now, are you happy to partake in Dubai’s fancy and lavish culinary carnival? If yes, then note the date and time of the forthcoming season on your planner and indulge in unique culinary activity when in this fantastic country. Planning your vacation in Dubai and spending a delightful and succulent gourmet period in the UAE is just to make absolutely sure you do not lose out on the best experiences.

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