Dubai is a dazzling destination famous for sky-scraping buildings and palm Islands. It covers various cultures and diversity in the form of fashion, art, and performance with culinary variations. The city is the most wanted tourist destination in the Middle East because of the attractive Dubai Tour Packages that are available in the market. This country is the true essence of tourism in the Middle East region with a broad collection of entertainment and eateries that it has to offer for everyone. Astounding architecture, lavish shopping centers, towering corporate buildings, and flattering beaches. The most popular city in the UAE, Dubai is considered as one of the desirable honeymoon places. We have designed the Best Dubai International Honeymoon Packages for your upcoming honeymoon plans.

Here are Some of the Most Romantic Places for Honeymoon

1. Burj Khalifa

Dubai Honeymoon Packages

The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower envelops the Dubai skyline, but the true beauty of the building is best admired up close or, even better, from inside. Burj Khalifa is always able to attract the visitors for its unique opulence too since 2010. The magnificent building is the futuristic heart and soul of Dubai city and promoting the tourism industry to create new possibilities. If you make a plan for the All-inclusive Trip to Dubai but could not make up for the visit then you are missing out on something epic. Dubai Packages have an abundant amount of tours to offer and you can grab accordingly from various options depending upon your needs and budget.

2. Desert Safari

Dubai Honeymoon Packages

Dubai desert safari is one of the most exciting and colorful ways to celebrate a honeymoon. From sand dune bash to gazing at sunset views to a colorful evening lined with activities like a scrumptious buffet, belly dancing and henna painting – travelers can welcome the New Year in Dubai in the most traditional manner with a desert safari experience. And yes, the night is a glittering affair with a fireworks celebration. On the other hand, this is the best option for you to have if you are going on a honeymoon or just want to surprise your loved one with a perfect romantic night.

3. Stroll on the Boardwalk at Palm Jumeirah

Dubai Honeymoon Packages

Six meters wide and stretching for 11 kilometers, the boardwalk is laden with several dozen food trucks, refreshment stands, and souvenir vendors. It showcases tempting scenic views of the Arabian Gulf as well as Dubai skylines. The hot attraction is gaining massive recognition among young couples and newlyweds for their honeymoon in Dubai.

4. Visit Miracle Garden

Dubai Honeymoon Packages

Every year from mid-November to mid-May, the Miracle Garden is filled with aromas and colors. This beautiful experience is one of the remarkable innovations – Dubai Miracle Garden. Relishing the beauty of a garden in full flourishing growth with over 150 million flowers placed in vibrant patterns and designs is genuinely genius. You must check out the best highlights like a teddy bear, lost paradise, and much more with Dubai Honeymoon Packages.

5. Candle Light Dinner on Dhow Cruise

Dubai Honeymoon Packages

Parting the mesmerizing city of Dubai into two parts, the Dubai creek is the ideal spot for your dhow cruise dinner to celebrate Honeymoon in Dubai. Majorly, good Dubai Honeymoon Packages for Dubai offer the famous Dhow cruise dinner with your better half. The undeniable experience of savoring in a buffet dinner with scrumptious cuisine on the cruise while witnessing the beautiful skyline of Dubai. Dhow cruise includes a delicious buffet dinner along with mind-blowing entertainment performances. Spending time together while relishing dhow cruise dinner is no wonder a great idea of a perfect evening with your better half.

6. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Dubai Honeymoon Packages

It cannot get better than celebrating your honeymoon in Dubai with a romantic magic carpet ride over never-ending water bodies, sand dunes, emerald green oases, gazelles, and roaming camels. Explore the beauty of sunlight from high up in the air and elevate the romance quotient between you two. We make sure you won’t regret the breathtaking experience at your honeymoon in Dubai.

7. Dine-in Burj Al Arab

Dubai Honeymoon Packages

Satiating a mouth-watering dinner at the world’s most luxurious hotel may look like an expensive affair, but every single penny spent at Burj Al Arab is worth giving the best surprise to your partner with a unique experience like this. Famous for its mind-blowing baroque architecture, Burj Al Arab is one of the most remarkable landmarks in the travel destination. The shape of the attraction resembles the sail of a ship, its exclusive design has made it popular in every corner of the world. The hotel is situated on an island on Jumeirah beach. You get a private butler and you can rent cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari, what else you need for a luxury honeymoon in Dubai.


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