Dubai is the most consistent word you can find on every shopping list, however indirectly. Each year millions of visitors rush to retail lifestyle in wonder. While many say the Dubai malls are pricey, they are really not. Dubai’s shopping malls are renowned for their lavish interiors and all the luxurious products they continue to offer. About every other month there are promotions in malls, at the onset of the year there is the ‘Dubai Shopping Festival’ –  a whole festival devoted to shopping, and every mall has numerous forms of amusement. If you want to go to Dubai? Book now Dubai Packages at affordable prices & get exciting deals & offers.

There are the Best Shopping Malls in Dubai

1. The Dubai Mall

Shopping Malls in Dubai

The Dubai Mall, often widely recognized as the Dubai Shopping Festival city, is one of the biggest shopping malls in the country with an area of more than 500,000 square meters! The mall was named the best retail destination in the world by Grazia Magazine in 2010, with a massive walk-through aquarium, a first-class ice arena, 14,000 parking lots, and more thrilling opportunities for shoppers.

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2. Mall of the Emirates

Shopping Malls in Dubai

The Emirates Mall, located in West Dubai’s Al Barsha district, is a shopping center that is regularly visited by both international visitors and UAE inhabitants. This is a one-stop-shop attraction that has gained it the moniker of being the “first retail resort in the country.” It was once identified as the “Leading New Shopping Mall in the Country.”

The Emirates Mall is host to a splendid family recreation complex that houses Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort, and Snow Park, the Middle East’s first of its kind.

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3. Mercato Shopping Mall

Shopping Malls in Dubai

The Mercato Shopping Mall in the Jumeirah area, Dubai, stands influenced by the deep-rooted Italian Renaissance with its special Mediterranean environment. The retail and entertainment complex has a tasteful architecture that reflects Spain and France, making the mall feel like a commercial square in Italy. The architects who designed the mall with cool pastel shades have rendered Mercato the first authoritative mall capturing a rare European Renaissance artwork revered by art enthusiasts, visitors, and locals alike.

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4. BurJuman

Shopping Malls in Dubai

Burj Dubai is basically the center of Dubai, and the strategic position of this mall here is just convenient. Speaking regarding comfort, the subway, bus, and of course taxis are readily available. This is linked by metro rails, red as well as white. Burjuman, one of Dubai’s biggest malls, has recently undergone a transformation and now serves all the desires, and has more products than ever before. This is suitable for those with a balanced appetite, with about two floors devoted to restaurants and cafés. It has the only Saks Fifth Avenue Center in the world.

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5. Ibn Battuta Mall

Shopping Malls in Dubai

Ibn Battuta Mall is located on Sheik Zayed Road and is a massive shopping complex titled after a great explorer, Ibn Battuta. Telling the story of the adventure of the famed adventurer of the 14th century, the mall is split into six country-themed courts, the most prominent being the Persian Court, surrounded by a hand-painted dome. There are 50 bars and pubs, a 21-screen theater, a trampoline park, and a bowling alley opposite the stores.

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6. City Walk Dubai

Shopping Malls in Dubai

City Walk is an accessible, architecture-inspired community in the center of Dubai with plenty of exclusive stores, restaurants, and leisure opportunities spread across 34 luxury low-rise towers, tree-lined sidewalks, and a spectacular array of vibrant graffiti art and murals.

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7. Dubai Outlet Mall

Shopping Malls in Dubai

Unlike some, this mall is situated in the suburbs of Dubai, rather than in the main central area. Perhaps that is the reason it is slightly less busy. Nevertheless, due to the selling it offers, this secret gem is one of the favorites of locals. The ‘Outlet’ shopping store, provides purchases of Warehouse / Factory and has usually 40 percent -90 percent off every time of year. The selling season is a massive priority at this store, and you can find the entire community flocking to the shop throughout the sale season, providing great deals for all the main retail labels, beauty brands, sporting brands, and much more. Housing over 200 shops, numerous restaurants, and a playfield, it also includes the country’s biggest Chuck-E-Cheese.

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